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Photo of Chatham Baptist Church

Describing Chatham Baptist Church (CBC) is like describing a family. Words such as belonging, caring, loving, resourceful, growing, and responsible are a few words that can describe the people of CBC.

As Christians we are part of God's family. Because we believe Jesus Christ is God's Son and our Savior, we have a common commitment to worship God, study His scriptures, and to practice principles that Jesus modeled and taught. As a family we are open to the leadership of God's Holy Spirit for guidance and comfort.

As a family we are made up of many persons: young and old; children and youth; men and women; married and single. We share common and unique needs to act on and pray about. We challenge each other to think about and use the talents and abilities we have to build up this family. We learn, we ask questions, we hurt, we laugh, we give and receive, we reflect, and we want to expand our family circle for our new friends. At our table there are always extra chairs.

As a family we go into our communities applying what we learn about the Christian lifestyle. It is where we meet new friends and invite them to our family of CBC.

As family members of CBC leave to go on to school, change jobs, or to take special assignments, the anticipated visits make up for the separation. The welcome return is always special.

As a family we encourage talents and abilities to be practiced and shared. Young persons learning from older persons, affirming the accomplishments of individuals and groups, whether it is singing, teaching, leading, planning, repairing, or construction. All of this and more is important to the CBC family.

Whether you are a family of one, or more, your presence at CBC will be welcomed. We will enjoy meeting you and helping you to feel why it is special to be part of the family at CBC.

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